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Newsletter 62



Hello Friends 

A recent Big Cat Safari with Alex and Tanya Voronin photographed no less than 11 leopards and 9 tigers during their 10 day stay at Londolozi and Tiger Canyons. In addition lion and cheetah of the cats were seen on several occasions as well as 16 hyena cubs at a den site. 


No less than 3 mating pairs of cats, 2 leopards and one pair of lions were seen and photographed. During one session Camp Pan Male and Notten Female mated an incredible 14 times in the space of an hour. 


In addition to the cats, large herds of buffalo and elephant were seen on numerous occasions.  

A total of 14 white rhino were seen on one day during the safari. 

At Tiger Canyons, two of the 9 tigers seen by Alex and Tanya were actually seen on a sonar scan. Tigress Julie was immobilized and scanned, revealing at least 2 well developed fetuses 

Alex shot with a Nikon D800 and D300 with a 400mm lens. Tanya had a Sony HD video cam. I shot with a Nikon D4 and a 80mm to 400mm lens. Byron Serea, our ranger at Londolozi, shot with a Canon 60D with a 400mm lens. 

Here are some of our pictures to share with you. 


Our thanks to Ranger Byron and Tracker Judas who worked tirelessly to produce the near perfect safari. Thanks to the staff of Founders Camp for their friendship and hospitality. Thanks to Tracker Ricky and all staff at Tiger Canyons. 

This safari proves if you are prepared to spend time and effort and have good equipment, spectacular photos can be had. 

There is nowhere in the world where the four big cats, lion, leopard, cheetah and tiger can be photographed in such a short space of time. 

Leopard and tiger pictures are arriving for the photographic competition. The standard of pictures is extremely high and the prize is a Big Cat Safari (see website) 

Thought of the day:

"The Big Cats are not there purely for our photos, they are fellow creatures prepared to spend a moment in time with us" 

Tread Light on the Earth


Tread lightly on the Earth

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Voronin Big Cat Safari breaks all records

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